Meet Magento 2017

Meet Magento 2017

Meet Magento 2017 is over, it was a nice day at a top location in an old facory with good talks and after party. The day started with the Magerun on 8.00. With the Magerun people started the day by running for 5km. I was only there for moral support and taking the pictures.

After the Magerun the rest of the people are coming in, the start key notes where given by Guido and Ben. Guido talked about the possible feature of web shops with no web interface or adapting by AI and that today more aspect are involved in running a good web shop. The important part is, you keep trying new things and evolve with the rest of the masses. Before you fall behind and you are no longer relevant.

First talk PHP quarks quize

The first talk I get to was The Big "Why equal doesn't equal" Quiz by Juliette Reinders Folmer. It was a fun PHP quiz with interesting questions. All the questions where a snippet of PHP code with the question what the aspected out put will be. I knew PHP had some quarks or inconsistencies and I thought I knew the most of them. But I still get 5 out of 14 questions correct (Okey it was 4,5 correct), so I learn some new and maybe need to look into other PHP quarks.

Versioning and Backwards Compatibility

Igor Balparda an Magento core developer was giving a talk about versioning and backwards compatibility. It was interesting to see how he Magento core team was handling backwards compatibility, and how much the could not change because it will break backward compatibility. On of the big problems the have now is that many core modules don’t have a clear public API to use. This makes backward compatibility really hard because the will mark everything that is public or protected as API that needs to be backward compatible.

The wane improve this by annotating public API with @api, and with Magento 2.2 all the core module will have these API notations. This makes it for the community clearer what is public API and stable And for the core developers make it possible to do large refacor of code within a module without to worry if the will break some form of API.

One way the Magento core team is using to find out what part must stay as an public API. Is by seeing what people use in the marketplace modules. And something that is used by allot of modules will probolay by marked as public API.

Conversion, optimization and the customer journey

Patrick Petersen had a great talk about what and why in selling products. He explains the difference in what and why in simple form. What means you sell your products based on specification and price and Why means you sell products based on emotions. Selling products based on what can kill your business. Because of price comparison websites you are competing with a lot of other websites for the lowest price.

With why you are selling a product because of good service or maybe your CEO has a vision of the future, like Elon Musk from Tesla. People are emotional attached to your product, service or brand. The benefit of selling with why is you are not competing with price, you can sell products for an higher price like Apple.

AfterParty and Award

After all the talks there was an after party in an old silo. The entrance was a small door, it was like 1,5 meter high. So for me it was almost crawling into the silo.

And then there where the Meet Magento awards, I was a little bit excited because we where nominated for the Community award with the project Mage2Gen. When showing the nominated the people enjoyed our video where we sell Mage2Gen. After a little drum roll we heard that we won the award, super awesome!!. which is a nice achievement because I started Mage2Gen on Meet Magento 2016 Hackerton.

Special thanks to the people that voted for Mage2Gen and see you next year a Meet Magento.

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