Mage2Gen is a Python 3 library for generating Magento 2 modules with snippets. The core of the library exists of a simple representation of PHP classes, XML and static files like HTML, CSS and JS. The other part consists of snippets, a snippet uses the core library to add PHP classes, xml and static files based on simple input.

The main idea is that a snippet does not know anything from the module or other snippets, it only knows how to add these assets based on the core representation. If the same snippet is called twice on a module or an other snippet add the same class/XML the core library will merge this to one class/XML.

Mage2Gen website

The website is a web frontend implementation of the Mage2Gen library. The whole interface is auto generated based on the snippet params structure. One of the nice features of the web interface is that it will generate a preview of all the files.

General stats (18-09-2019):

  • Users per day: ~225
  • Modules created: 50000+
  • Modules created per day: ~100
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