Merlin is an internal tool used to manage data and process for the company Experius.

The first version was build with my thesis with the goal to research and implement a tool to reduce wasted time. Because Experius exists mostly out of developers and the developers only work with Magento. The focus was to create a tool that will help in the development and management of Magento webshops.

Alpha version

The code name for the first prototype version of Merlin was MOT (Magento Ontwikkel Tool). The first version could index a Magento webshop and show the version and all installed module version and if there are updates for that modules. The important features where copy and sync a Magento environment. This makes the develop process much smoother and faster mostly for debugging, because a developer could sync a live environment to a dev or staging environment in 5 minutes with one click. This makes reproducing and solving bugs much faster and easier.

Current version

The latest version of Merlin is complete rewritten and has allot of more features and is used by more users. The rewrite was necessary to make Merlin more scalability and this was something I advised after delivering the final prototype at the end of my thesis. Fortunately the company agreed with the advice for rewriting Merlin and we are now 2 years later and I’m still working on Merlin and we haven't found the limits of scalability yet because of the rewrite and I am very proud of that.

Here is a short list of the tings Merlin does:

  • Copy and sync environments.
  • Install Magento with customizable modules and configurable theme template.
  • Monitor live environments (Page status, logs and error reporting, settings, etc).
  • Manage support tickets and motnhly summary.
  • Manage Magento modules and create composer repository.

General stats (12-04-2017):

  • Users: ~60 (Developers, support, sales and HR)
  • Tasks: ~50000 automated per month, ~500 manually per month
  • Managed Environments: 800+
  • Managed servers: ~50
  • Build with: Django, Celery, Paramiko
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